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Dynapac CG2300 – compact compaction!

Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment is introducing the new Dynapac CG2300, as a supplement to its articulated CC machines.

January 14, 2016

Instead of central articulation, machines in the Dynapac CG roller range traditionally have steering on the drums. Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment is now introducing the new Dynapac CG2300, as a supplement to its articulated CC machines. The Dynapac CG2300 is 3.99 m long, 2.99 m high and has an inner turning radius of only 2.65 m, and an off-set as big as 1.2 m, making it easy to transport and manoeuver in confined spaces.

The cab on the Dynapac CG2300 was designed with the operator in mind. The interior offers the highest level of comfort and the drum edge visibility is excellent thanks to the extended sideways sliding seat and steering assembly. An Automatic Climate Control system is available as an option. Good ergonomics, plus smooth and precise steering are features provided by the advanced electronic mini steering wheel and four-piston steering system.
Optimized ergonomics is one way to achieve high quality compaction, ensuring that operators have continuous visibility of the operation and comfortable access to the controls. The CG2300 will feature 1 x 1 meter view and full visibility over all working functions including the drum surface/ sprinkler nozzles.
The clear control panel gives operators the information they need. All the gauges are displayed – water, fuel, voltage and number of hours – and the operator can change between menus at the touch of a button. Further information can be provided through the optional DCA-A software, which tells the operator the temperature in front of and behind the roller as well as the number of passes made on each section of the asphalt.

Quiet running with good fuel economy

The Dynapac CG2300 is equipped with ECO Mode as standard. This reduces fuel consumption by more than 15% and makes the already quiet CG roller even more silent.
Noise is also kept down through the use of a hydraulic driven temperature-guided cooling fan, which only operates when necessary.
Use of a double pump vibration system eliminates the need for a vibration valve, making the system more efficient, aiding servicing and reducing fuel consumption. Both pumps – one for the front drum and one for the rear – can simply be shut off.
The CG2300 has got automatically cut to idling speed after 10 seconds at full rpm in neutral, in recognition of the fact that operators often neglect to make the reduction themselves.
In addition, the engine is Stage IV/T4f ready and has very low emissions. Advanced options are also available, such as an edge presser/cutter (left and right) and a chip spreader.
A sprinkler system with double sprinkler bars and pumps, and a capacity of more than 700 liters of water, ensures uninterrupted operation.

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