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Waste management optimized at facility in Germany

Atlas Copco Industrial Assemby Solutions’ production and innovation center for SCA adhesive bonding systems is located in Bretten, Germany. In 2017 the plant started an extensive project to reduce waste volume and make disposal more efficient. The improvements include a 48 percent reduction in internal disposal routes, and a 50 percent reduction in external waste disposal trips

In the first step, the existing disposal routes were analyzed to identify the potential for improvement and, based on the results, concrete measures were taken. These included a new color coding system that makes the correct sorting and disposal of waste simple for everyone. The system is used in both the production and the administration departments, and larger disposal containers ensure fewer waste disposal trips.

New process for waste collection
The internal waste disposal is no longer organized manually but by means of a “tugger train”. This runs through the production areas and collects recyclable material and garbage at fixed times, thus creating a helpful waste processing routine. The different types of waste, such as wood, cardboard, paper and foil, are collected and disposed of separately. The Bretten plant has now achieved a reimbursement rate of 90 percent, the waste management process has become much more efficient and there are no more unnecessary external waste disposal trips. This has led to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions indicating that the new concept is working effectively.

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