Electronic Air Regulation System (EARS) is standard

EARS allows you to easily adjust your compressor to save horsepower and fuel consumption

Fast pipe handling

The breakout and pipe handling system ensure quick removal and addition of drill pipe for multi pass drilling

High speed feed system

The hydraulic feed system with cable pulldown and pullback is designed to reduce time to add and remove drill pipe

Look to the DM series of drills for the best value in quality, productivity and reliability to achieve your blasthole drilling objectives.

• The robust DM-M3 mainframe and tower design ensure a high asset life even in some of the toughest mining conditions. The double cut structural tower lacing ensures a strong tower structure without the added weight of less efficient designs.

• A spacious FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) rated cab with electric over hydraulic controls that are common with the DM series, make it easy to operate, especially for drillers who have experience in other DM series machines.

• With drills that have over 100,000 hours, its easy to see why the DM-M3 is called upon to do the job. • Ample air for bailing of deep angle holes with a 73.6 cubic meter/minute (2,600 cfm) air compressor.

• Angle drilling package for 0-30 degrees in 5 degree increments.


DM-M3 Brochure US format
  • DM-M3 blasthole drill 2 MB, PDF
DM-M3 Brochure A4 format
  • DM-M3 blasthole drill 2 MB, PDF