Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

At Atlas Copco Vacuum, delivering value to our customers and clean technology for the planet drives our innovation. We invest in technology like our range of dry screw vacuum pumps that deliver benefits like higher productivity, minimized energy consumption, operator-friendly control, easy maintenance, and lower operation costs. 

Clean technology

Our range of dry screw vacuum pumps are friendly on the environment – with no contaminated oil to dispose. Dry technology means no exhaust emissions and a clean, reliable performance.

Clever technology

Our DHS VSD+ and DWS VSD+ range of dry screw vacuum pumps feature Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. The pump adjusts vacuum flow as per your process demands and optimizes energy consumption leading to substantial energy savings.

Connected technology 

Benefit from always-on connectivity and remote monitoring with ElektronikonTM for advanced pump monitoring such as status, running and stopped hours, programmable timers, set point control among other parameters.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

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