Dynapac CS1400 with Cab

Static steel drum roller

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Service-friendly low emission engine

The Dynapac CS1400 has ample power resources and fulfils the latest Stage IIIB/T4final emission regulations. The engine is easily accessed, as it is placed between the front drums under a large engine hood. All service points are located within easy reach from the ground.

Central hydraulic test panel

The Dynapac CS1400 has a central test panel for the hydraulic system, which makes inspection and troubleshooting swift and simple. The panel – with quick couplings – is easily accessed from the ground, and is well protected.

All equal load

The equal static linear load on the three drums and the centre point articulation makes it possible to calculate with the full 2100 mm compaction width all the time. This gives up to 50% more capacity compared with old pivot steered concepts. The 50% higher capacity means 50% lower fuel consumption and 50% less working time needed.

Product description

The Dynapac CS1400 static roller is a modern, articulated three-drum roller with the same static linear load and drum diameter on all drums. The roller covers the asphalt mat with its full width. The CS1400 roller is used primarily to compact asphalt when the course has a typical thickness of up to 50 mm, depending on the stiffness of the asphalt compound and the prevailing weather conditions.

The machine is suitable for medium-size and large-size applications. It is ideal for use in areas where the ground should not be vibrated, such as in areas close to old buildings and on bridges.

Technical data