LED light tower HiLight B5+

Transport efficiency thanks to small footprint

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Reduced fuel consumption


Height hydraulic vertical mast


Rotation mast


light coverage (average 20 luxes)


Life expectancy

Transport efficiency

22 units in a 33 meter truck

Fuel efficient light tower

0,5 l/h

Extra safety features

The light tower has a hydraulic vertical mast

Operational savings

Operational costs reduced by up to 95% thanks to the different remote start modes available via the photocell and the weekly timer and easy operation with the intuitive Lc 1003 controller and straightforward installation due to its compact dimensions, all help to lower running costs.

Transport efficiency

The HiLight B5+ is the best choice when it comes to transport efficiency by truck. The small footprint facilitates easy installation and provides maximum site safety. Thanks to its compact dimensions, 22 units can be loaded on a 13m truck. In addition, the stable hydraulic vertical mast extends to a maximum height of 8m and rotates 340°.

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