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Big impact, small size: meet the Atlas Copco grinders

Atlas Copco’s broad range of handheld industrial grinders are designed to be lightweight while providing maximum power for material removal with minimal effort from the operator.

Tune in to Atlas Copco’s Grinders Expert Q&A! Product expert Adam Brooks will be taking viewer questions about material removal, vane and turbine motor options, and Atlas Copco’s robust grinder portfolio.

All of our grinders are developed with ergonomics in mind, and many are constructed with scatterdampening and autobalancers, ergonomic features that reduce vibration impact on the operator.

For the sake of this article, we’ll introduce our industrial grinders by dividing grinding applications into three categories: die (or ‘precision’) grinding, rough grinding and surface grinding. Our large array of grinders covers virtually all applications.

Introducing: Atlas Copco die grinders

For operations involving material removal within cavities or confined areas, Atlas Copco’s die grinders are perfect for the job. Small and high-speed, our range of precision grinders offer the most power and accessibility on the market. Built with the scatterdampening feature, their flexible shafts with double bearings are both equipped with rubber padding, absorbing impact while providing extremely accurate grinding. No matter the application, we have the right die grinder for you.

For a grinding tool that maximizes productivity and operator safety, check out our LSF39. This one-handed die grinder has up to 1.7 hp and was developed to meet modern-day grinding requirements.

For a more cramped area, we recommend our LSV12, a precision grinder with up to 0.5 hp and a ¼” Erickson collet. With a lubrication-free motor and an insulated handle, this grinder optimizes operator safety.

Our LSF28 comes featuring a speed governor for process speed and scatter dampening for reducing vibration injury risk on the operator. This die grinder also comes in an extended version that is 59% longer for hard to reach areas.

Introducing: Atlas Copco rough grinders

Rough grinders are built to remove as much material as possible with little thought of the surface finish. The aim might be to shape a cast, forged or welded piece by leveling or smoothing edges. Our rough grinders can be vertical, geared turbine, angle, or straight. It doesn’t matter the rough grinder you choose; all are comfortable to work with while giving operators superior removal power.

For instances in which accessibility isn’t an issue, Atlas Copco’s LSS64 vertical grinder is likely your best bet. A sturdy and powerful workhorse, the LSS64 contains an integrated speed governor and a silencer for sound reduction.

Our GTG40 angle turbine grinder is perhaps the most powerful hand-held industrial grinder available. Its one-step turbine motor boosts the performance and productivity of rough grinding applications. Built with an autobalancer and an adjustable wheel guard, this turbine grinder has the highest material removal rate in its class.

The LSV28 angle grinder was built for a wide variety of grinding applications. Its small size gives it an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, optimal for weld grinding and casting cleanings. Enjoy the benefits of its high productivity and minimal air consumption.

And finally, for a straight rough grinder, our LSR38 is compact, lightweight and perfect for narrow spaces where accessibility is an issue. Made for grinding with cone wheels, it’s built with a speed governor and a silencer for optimal ergonomics.

Introducing: Atlas Copco surface grinders

Surface grinding, sanding, polishing, and finishing make up the third grinding application that Atlas Copco has a broad range of tools for. Meant for improving a surface rather than adjusting the shape, our surface grinders are able to be used with all abrasives; dry or wet sanding, extreme productivity sanding or fine grit, our surface grinders can do it all.

Atlas Copco’s GTG25 is powered by an advanced two-stage turbine motor, making it capable of material removal on even the roughest of surfaces. It’s smaller but more powerful than most in its class.

The LSS53 vertical sander was designed for heavy sanding. Its low noise and vibration levels make for optimal ergonomics. Built with a cast-iron cylinder in the air motor, this sander has high durability and an extremely long service life.

For a low-speed precision grinder, try the LSF28 straight sander. Perfect for those hard to reach areas, this grinder polishes surfaces with high torque, allowing for optimal performance and process speed.

In summary

Grinders developed at Atlas Copco are built to bring operators maximum force with minimal effort. We do this while still maintaining comfortable, ergonomic designs and features that vary depending on the application required. Whether you’re using one of our rough grinders, die grinders or surface grinders, we have the perfect tool for you.

For more information, contact us and schedule a demo today.

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