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Compresoare de aer si solutii de comprimare a aerului
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CTST - complete tensioners, conversion kits and loadcells & accessories

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CTST - complete tensioners, conversion kits & loadcells

CTST range of topside bolt tensioning tools comprises 6 base tools covering bolt sizes from 3/4” to 4” (M20 to M100). The tools are designed to fit on to most ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 Series 1, MSS-SP44, API-6A and API-17D flanges. Each base tool can be converted for use with different bolt sizes using a conversion kit. We offer tensioners and conversion kit in metric and imperial sizes.

Model Description Bolt load kN Weight kg
CTST No1 Complete CTST tensioner M20-M27 227 2
CTST No2 Complete CTST tensioner M27-M39 443 5
CTST No3 Complete CTST tensioner M39-M52 810 9
CTST No4 Complete CTST tensioner M48-M64 1273 16
CTST No5 Complete CTST tensioner M64-M76 1828 23
CTST No6 Complete CTST tensioner M76-M100 2643 38
Model Description
CTST No1 CK Conversion Kit M20-M27
CTST No2 CK Conversion Kit M27-M39
CTST No3 CK Conversion Kit M39-M52
CTST No4 CK Conversion Kit M48-M64
CTST No5 CK Conversion Kit M64-M76
CTST No6 CK Conversion Kit M76-M100
CTST No1 LC Load Cell No1
CTST No2 LC Load Cell No2
CTST No3 LC Load Cell No3
CTST No4 LC Load Cell No4
CTST No5 LC Load Cell No5
CTST No6 LC Load Cell No6

Pumps & hoses - for CTST tensioners

We offer hand, electric and air driven pumps. Hoses of different lengths are also available.

Model Description Weight kg
D500 Air Driven Pump D500 30
D600 Air Driven Pump D600 30
WTP3/SP1500 Electric pump 40
Hand Pump Pump 10
5M Hose Link Hose 2
1.5M Hose Intercon Hose 1