Pneumatic Straight Die Grinder LSF39
LSF39 S150E fotografie produs
Pneumatic Straight Die Grinder LSF39 is the most powerful, compact and light weight die grinders in the market to boost your productivity. The 39 series provides you with the best solutions for rough grinding in cramped, narrow spaces where accessibility is an issue. The tool is available in scatter damping versions increasing life length of burrs and reducing vibration related injuries for operators. The LSF39 is equipped with a well-balanced, high quality collet.
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Specificații tehnice

Certifications, standards & directives
EU Directives
EU Standard
ISO 11148-9
EAC certified
Max free speed
15000 r/min


Reduced risk of vibration related injuries
High productivity and short process time
Optimized process speed
Reduced noise levels
High durability and long service life


Scatter damping
Impressive power to weight ratio
Integrated speed governor
Built-in silencer for noise reduction
Exhaust hose included
Lubrication free air motor