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K-Flow system solution

We offer a comprehensive flow drill fastening solution. Learn more about our system and its components

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K-Flow joining tool

K-Flow flow drill fastening tools

K-Flow tools

The powerful K-Flow joining tool is the heart of the system solution. It is mounted to the robot flange and can process M4, M5 and M6 fasteners with high rotation speed and process force. Due to two independent strokes (down hold stroke and main stroke), it enables very short cycle times. Depending on the accessibility of the parts, three different tool geometries are available.
Tool specifications  
Rotation speed:  max. 7000 / 9000 min-1
Process force:  max. 1870 / 3000 N at 6 bar
Down hold force:  max. 700 / 1400 N at 6 bar
Weight:  about 50 kg
Fastener:  M4 – M5 – M6
Integrated fastener stop system (swivel module)  

K-Flow system control

The K-Flow system controller controls the joining tool and the feeding unit. Our software makes it easy to program, monitor, analyze and document the flow drill fastening processes. Special wizards assist the operator in handling complex applications, and an integrated backup system saves your data. The solution is easy to integrate into the customer network and can be operated via the integrated touch panel, a mobile notebook or tablet, or a stationary plant PC. Process parameters can be easily imported from Excel. Depending on the individual fastener and part geometries, more than 500 different fastening programs can be created.
Controller specifications  
Connection:  400 – 500 V AC (3Ph/PE)
Electrical fuse protection:  16 A
Top cabinet for KUKA robot control available  
Mounting frame available  
Integrated soft SPS for feeding unit  

Feeding unit

K Flow feeding unit
The feeding unit is essential for an uninterrupted operation of the K-Flow system. The feeder sorts and separates the loose fasteners and supplies it as requested to the joining tool. Because the joining elements are supplied head first, there is low risk of damage to the fastener. The system with integrated container is easy to maintain.
Feeder specifications  
Feeding type:  sword feeder
Max. feeding speed:  35 per minute
Capacity:  6.000 fasteners
Air supply:  6 bar
K-Flow system layout

Typical system layout for flow drill fastening