Revamp & Upgrades

Reduce OPEX, energy use and CO2 emissions with compressor revamping from Atlas Copco Gas and Process

About compressor revamps and upgrades

Atlas Copco Gas and Process centrifugal compressors are designed to perform reliably and efficiently for many years. Changes in plant demand, gas composition and more can affect the efficiency of these machines.

By revamping your existing equipment you can return your machines to peak efficiency, saving energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions along the way.

By modifying or revamping a compressor / multiple compressors, particularly in large applications typically employed in air separation (smaller power machines can be employed as well), process inefficiencies can be reduced. This technical modification can be done to a machine in several ways, such as by changing the impeller size, adding an inlet guide vane (IGV), or the removal of a stage.


Industries and applications served:

Chemical and petrochemical Industrial gasses LNG industry Power generation