Choose a single service provider to support you in times of uncertainty

The unprecedented situation we are living through and the uncertain times that lay ahead have brought us all together. We all face the same challenges and look for ways to gain efficiency and reduce costs. Now, more than ever, choosing a partner with the right technical skills, the necessary consumables and a strong supply chain will make all the difference for your production line. Atlas Copco can give you all of that and more.

The implementation of social distancing and other safety measures represents a challenge for companies, even more when working with suppliers at our facilities. The new economic scenario stresses the need for companies to work with strong partners, suppliers able to bring solutions when they are most needed. 

Our service, your advantage

Many of our customers are looking for a single source supplier to look after all their air compressors, blowers, dryers, filters and other ancillaries regardless of their brand. In Atlas Copco, we already have years of experience servicing equipment from other brands. For you, a single source supplier means:

  • Lower administrative cost (e.g. invoicing, alignment to adjusted site Health and Safety requirements)
  • A single point of contact, familiar with your equipment, your company policies and your site requirements
  • Fewer service visits and engineers at your facilities
  • Same high-quality service from experienced technicians

Technicians with the necessary capability

Man pointing on button on compressor.
Our well-trained engineers are ready to service your compressors regardless the brand. Atlas Copco training programs include hands-on trainings in different brands equipment. You can have complete confidence that our field service engineers follow the maintenance recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer. We ensure the expertise and knowledge of the Atlas Copco professionals looking after the equipment in your facilities.

High quality spare parts

UNI Parts, Replacement Parts
Our UNI compressor parts range is a complete offering of consumables and lubricants by Atlas Copco. UNI range spare parts have been designed to meet, or even exceed the OEM specifications. The range is developed with Atlas Copco's expertise, to our strict quality standards and it is continuously checked and updated to ensure a perfect match to the machines that use them. The Atlas Copco extensive supply chain also gives us access to genuine parts where these are needed or specified by you.

A supply chain that can keep up with your needs

Employees at work
High availability of parts is a strategic pillar of our operational excellence. All the materials required for our servicing operations are sourced through the same logistics and distribution network. When logistic networks are tested – as nowadays-, our high inventory levels and allocation of even more resources in the supply chain, gives the confidence of supplying the service and spare parts are customers are counting on. In Atlas Copco we deliver what we promise.

At Atlas Copco we are constantly screening the needs of our customers. Our unique single source supplier proposition brings added value while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Together, strengthening our partnership, we will come out of this challenge stronger. Let us join your efforts.

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Choose a single service provider to support you in times of uncertainty

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