Making quality industrial gases requires quality air

Narrator: The modern global economy never stops. Neither does Air Liquide: they give businesses the oxygen to grow. Air Liquide’s Sicilian production facilities operate 24 hours per day, by the light of the moon and in the glaring sun. Their supplier of compressed air delivers the same around-the-clock reliability: a brand-new Atlas Copco Z compressor.
Gian Piero Reale: Air Liquide is a global leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and healthcare. We are active in various industries: automotive, food and pharma, renewable energy, the chemical industry and oil and gas. Our clients range from craftsmen to multinationals. Our ambition is to remain a global leader, ensure long-term performance and to contribute to a sustainable world.
Narrator: Air Liquide is at the top of its field and they demand the same level of excellence of their suppliers. To make quality industrial gasses you need… quality air. That air is supplied by a state-of-the-art Atlas Copco compressor.
Emiliano Farnesi: Air Liquide use an Atlas Copco centrifugal ZH compressor. It is an extremely reliable and efficient solution with numerous advantages. It has a noise-reducing canopy, a highly efficient cooler and its footprint is the smallest on the market. But one of its most important advantages is… what it does not have. When you are cooking in Sicily, olive oil is an essential ingredient. But in compressed air… you don’t want oil. Air Liquide avoid oil in their production process. Oil in the compressed air can inflame at high temperatures. You don’t want that in the petrochemical industry! The Atlas Copco Z-compressors are a Class Zero range. That means they deliver completely oil-free air. Customers such as Air Liquide can rest assured: there is no oil that can contaminate the production process or the final product. In addition, the absence of oil makes the process easier, safer and more durable. You don’t need any filtering of the desiccant beds, and the service intervals are much longer.

Narrator: Peace of mind is important to Air Liquide.
Gian Piero Reale: The quality of our products is our absolute priority. This oil-free solution is the best choice to be able to guarantee that quality. Also, it has a positive effect on the environment.
Luc T’Jollijn: The nature reserve “Saline di Priolo” used to be a center of the salt industry. Salt was mined in these shallow waters as early as the 13th century. But today, these wetlands are home to hundreds of species of water birds. In 2008, this nature reserve was voted “The Most Beautiful Oasis in Italy”. But that’s not the only reason why it is remarkable… This beautifully patch of nature has several petrochemical installations as its closest neighbors. It is possible for economy and ecology to co-exist. Atlas Copco’s smart air solutions contribute to that balance. How? By providing energy efficient solutions that don’t put a strain on the environment. In fact, you could say Atlas Copco helps keep this water clean!
Narrator: This compressor has a favorable impact on the environment… and it significantly reduces energy costs.
Gian Piero Reale: We are continually looking for ways to optimize our processes and provide benefits to our clients. That is why we included a special clause in our contract with Atlas Copco: they guaranteed energy savings. The machine has been running for a year now and all objectives were met. The energy performance of the compressor is optimal and in addition it performs very well on all points of the operation curve.
Narrator: Atlas Copco puts its money where its mouth is, and backs up its claims with solid numbers.
Emiliano Farnesi: The ZH compressor is an impressive package… and intelligence is part of that package. The Elektronikon controller maximizes the performance of the compressor and allows for detailed monitoring. Knowledge is power, the saying goes. In the case of Atlas Copco, knowledge helps save power!
Narrator: Throughout the day and deep into the night, Air Liquide can rest assured. Their compressed air is in safe and smart hands.


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