2908850101 : Roto Z Fluid

Roto Z is a high quality mineral based oil uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of the Atlas Copco Z compressors.

Excellent anti wear properties

Oil free compressors are driven by gears, requiring oils with anti wear properties reducing gear teeth and bearing wear.

Thermal stability

Roto Z oil has a high resistance to degradation and sludging

High viscosity index

Keeps working hard, whatever the conditions, even at high operating temperature. Increases the bearing lifetime and reduces the general danger in the oil circuit.

Roto Z Oil Specifications

2908 8501 01 Roto Z oil
Oil Type : Mineral based oil with tailored additive pack
Service intervals: 8 000 h < 55 kw or 16 000 h > 55 kw
Environment : Ambient temperature range at 0°C to 50°C
Equipment: Atlas Copco oil-free screws
Compatibility: ZR, ZT, ZA, ZE compressors
5l : 2908 8503 00
20l : 2908 8501 01
209l : 2908 8500 00

2908850101 : Roto Z Fluid

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