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Electric mobile air compressors

Have you considered electric mobile compressors? When your working site is connected to the grid, there is no reason you should not consider using an electric mobile compressor.

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Should you upgrade your mobile diesel compressor to an electric driven compressor?

Infographic diesel versus electric mobile compressors

Discover all features of the E-Air VSD compressor range

The E-Air is a yellow machine with a green heart. No emissions, low noise levels and unrivaled energy-efficiency: discover how the E-Air can save you time and money.


Built to withstand the elements

The E-Air H250 VSD features time-tested technology, ruggedized for the harshest outdoor applications. That includes the HardHat, the toughest compressor canopy available, potted permanent magnet motor, water-cooled electronics and anti-corrosion frame.


Take the E-Air anywhere.

Have you ever seen a 7m³ compressor below 750kg? The E-air is a truly plug-and-play solution: you can tow it without special driving license, its Smart Socket fits on multiple power sockets and you can choose the current in the controller. You can also set the pressure, between 5 and 12 bar. This little compressor is in fact multiple machines in one.


6 reasons the E-Air VSD will change the way you work

Atlas Copco's mobile air compressors are now available in an electric version: the E-Air. Equipped with a variable speed driven, permanent magnet motor this compressor brings the efficiency advantages of a frequency-controller compressor to the rough outdoor conditions on your construction site, mines, quarries and other workplaces. Do you have a power supply on site? Then we have 6 good reasons why the E-Air H250 VSD could be the best air compressor for your application.


Ready to unlock the full range?

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

From enhanced efficiency to improved noise levels and no diesel engine emissions, the benefits of going electric within specific applications cannot be overstated. The new Variable Speed Drive electric compressor range is a game changer when it comes to clean drive technology for rough and dusty environments like underground tunneling and mining. We have the experience to protect your investment in these circumstances.

Rodolfo Reimberg , VP Marketing Portable Air Division, Atlas Copco

What is in it for you?

  1. Best ratio power / footprint (5m3/min under 750 kg!)
  2. Low noise levels (down to 61 dB(A))
  3. Unrivalled efficiency with the Variable Speed Drive train and permanent magnet motor
  4. High service intervals (every 2000 hours or every 2 years)
  5. No diesel emissions
  6. Easy plug and play installation 

Easy to tow, quick to demo

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