Refurbishment Program for Light Compaction Equipment

Extend the life of your machine

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Practical and competitive

An all in one practical solution that only takes a few labor hours, and is adaptable to suit your specific needs thus making it a competitive and fast solution.

Built to meet your needs!

Flexible service offer that includes 3 dimensions. Our service offer provides the opportunity to choose between silver, gold and cosmetic kits depending on your specific needs.

Attractive investment

For much less than the price of a new unit, your equipment will be up and running in optimal condition and keep working for a long period.

Refurbishment Kits

Atlas Copco now offers a whole new level of service: a complete set of overhaul kits for your light compaction equipment that match your needs. We have special offers depending on the model and condition, providing much more than simply returning the machine back to operation. After the overhaul, your equipment is back to optimum running conditions, ready for a new lease of life.

*All major components of the Silver and Gold kit are available separately.
*All major components of the Silver and Gold kit are available separately.

There are three major components:

  • Eccentric or Ramming System Complete Repair Kits: Replacement of all wear parts 
  • Cosmetic Kits: Repair or replacement of damaged covers, handles and labels 
  • Yearly Service Kit: All needed filters and v-belt

Cosmetic Kit

Refurbishment kit
Cosmetic kits have been created precisely to change the appearance of your machine, to look entirely brand new. It’s an efficient way of helping our customers to increase their reputation in the customers’ eye, and increase the resale value of the machine.

Silver Kit

Refurbishment kit
After a long and productive life, the friction and torsional stresses in the eccentric or ramming system will ultimately end the life time of the wear parts inside and in addition to this , engine filters should also be replaced during following service interval which varies depending on the engine type. For that reason, we created Silver Kits to minimize downtime and sustain productivity in a very competitive manner.

Gold Kit

Refurbishment kit
Gold Kits are specially designed to repair and also give your machines a better look. Gold Kits offer a practical solution for our customers including repair and yearly service kits, as well as Cosmetic Kits and Silver Kits which change the look of your machine into a new one.

Refurbishment Program for Light Compaction Equipment

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