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8 Reasons to Choose Air Motors

Air motors are some of the most versatile and reliable power units on the market today. Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive selection of standard air motors that lead the industry in development and innovation.

When deciding how to power industrial applications both now and in the future, the features of an air motor make it the most logical choice.

Why air motors?

There are many reasons to choose Atlas Copco air motors for your applications. Here, we’ve highlighted 8 of the most noteworthy benefits.

Group image of vane air motors LZB range

1. Easily adjustable torque output

By design, the torque of an air motor can be adjusted steplessly by varying the working pressure. Torque output can be altered as needed to match the exact torque requirements of any given industrial application. In short, the easily adjustable torque function makes air motors a versatile and dynamic choice of power units that can help you achieve the needs of any application.

2. Lightweight and compact

Air motors are generally lighter and more compact than their electric counterparts. An air motor weighs only 1/4th as much as an electric motor with the same output, and it occupies only about 1/6th of the space. The weight of a motor often plays a role in the overall weight of an application, making it an important consideration when choosing motors.

With their high power-to-weight ratio, Atlas Copco air motors can provide high power output for industrial applications without increasing the weight of an application in any significant way.

3. Reversible

Did you know that air motors are easy to reverse?

They work efficiently in either direction, and it is simple to reverse them using a directional valve. This makes air motors a flexible power unit that works well for sometimes unpredictable industrial application needs.

4. Rugged

Air motors have a uniquely rugged design. They are virtually unaffected by heat, vibration, knocks and blows, and corrosion. Their performance in hostile environments is unmatched by other types of motor, making them the perfect choice for any of your industrial application needs.

Vane motors LZB

5. Undamaged by overloads

Air motors are resilient and often avoid damage that might be sustained by electric motors put in similar conditions.

Air motors can be stopped and started repeatedly without limit and without straining the motor. Air motors can also be stalled indefinitely without the threat of the motor overheating or sustaining some other type of damage. This is in stark contrast to electric motors. When electric motors are overloaded, a breaker must work relieve the load, otherwise, it is likely the motor will fail prematurely and require a costly replacement.

6. Ideal in difficult environments

Hostile and hazardous environments pose virtually no challenge to air motors. In fact, air motors are ideal for hazardous environments because they use compressed air as an energy source and do not generate electrical sparks. Atlas Copco air motors are even available in explosion-proof and ATEX certified versions. Explosion-proof air motors are often cheaper than electrical ones, and they are perfect for environments where sparks or high temperatures could ignite explosive gases, vapor, or dust.

Air motors are also designed ruggedly, meaning they can operate safely and at an optimal level in wet or corrosive environments. Their careful construction ensures they are the ideal motor choice for difficult environments such as high-moisture or salt-laden atmospheres.

7. Simple to install

Air motors can work in any position, which is yet another factor that ensures flexibility for your industrial application needs. Along with that, their air motors and the required air lines are simple and straightforward to install. This easy installation ensures that air motors can fulfill any requirements you have for a power unit without additional hassle or inconvenience.

8. Variable speeds

When an air motor’s air control valve is adjusted, the motor can provide precise, variable speeds. Air motors with variable speed controls are often significantly cheaper than electric motors with variable speed control options. With this in mind, it is clear that air motors provide the speed variation your applications need at a lower cost, making them the ideal motor choice.

To summarize

Among all the reasons to choose Atlas Copco air motors, these are the top 8 for your industrial application power unit needs. Want to learn more? Schedule a product demonstration? Contact Atlas Copco today to be connected with an air motors expert on our team. 

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8 Reasons to Choose Air Motors

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