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We are proud to introduce Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS) 2.0

4 минут на чтение Ноябрь 14, 2022

Enhance the advantages of wireless tools with Industrial Location SpotPoint 2.0

Atlas Copco knows how important wireless freedom is in this era of Industry 4.0. By doing away with bulky, tiresome cables, you and your operators can improve productivity and impressive line speed. However, we at Atlas Copco also recognize that wireless freedom has some downsides, such as the possibility of reduced product quality and higher costs due to scrapping and rework, which ultimately increases downtime.

That’s why we are proud to introduce Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS) 2.0! This location-based solution resolves all those issues, leaving you with only the best parts of switching to wireless tooling. So, ditch the cables and ditch the downsides to wireless freedom with ILS from Atlas Copco. Read on to learn more about this exciting solution and how it can revolutionize your assembly.

Ditch the cables

Wireless solutions are a great investment for your facility. They have several advantages, and Industrial Location SpotPoint is meant to enhance those advantages. In this way, you can expect optimized production, productivity, and quality.

How does ILS help? Well, ILS 2.0 is a wireless, bolt-level error-proofing solution for a variety of tools. It uses a combination of software, all-in-one sensors, and passive tags to track the tools or parts and offer operator guidance during production. The sensor triangulates the position of the tool tag and generates location data values for the transmitter location. In this way, ILS knows where the tool or part is and if the operator is performing the task correctly and at the right time.

ILS Image

Improve production quality

Industrial Location SpotPoint uses its software to error-proof and guides operators through the entire application. This reduces the occurrence of errors on the line, improving your product quality and ensuring that operators are getting the task completed accurately. ILS not only tracks the torque being applied to joints, but it also tracks whether or not the operator is tightening the correct bolt in the correct sequence if the application requires it.

All-in-one sensors

The sensors are how ILS is able to track the tools and parts. These sensors transmit infrared light onto the station or the part so that it can be reflected by the tags. In this way, not only can ILS track the process and where everything is, but this also allows ILS to enable or disable the tools based on the tool’s location relative to the station.

Passive tool and part tags

Another great feature is that the tool and part tags are passive! Rather than using power, they simply reflect the light to the sensors like mirrors. This makes the tags smaller, easier to use, and more ergonomic. Since they are small, several tags can be attached to the tool, thus allowing for more flexibility and uptime on the line. This is because the tool can be oriented in any way, allowing both right- and left-handed operators to hold the tools comfortably without having to rearrange the tags each time.

Are you interested in learning more about Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS, or any of Atlas Copco’s other industrial location platforms? Contact us and schedule a demo today!

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