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Программа обучения ручной затяжке: как работать в критически важных областях применения?

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Tips to choose the right tool and controller for every critical application

Select the proper Smart torque wrench

Smart torque wrenches are designed to work on safety-critical or difficult-to-rework applications.

Unlike Mechanical wrenches, these types of wrenches are able to provide a real-time error-proofing process through wireless communication, ensuring complete traceability and faster data collection.

As discussed in the Error-proofing wrenches chapter, the Atlas Copco portfolio offers two types of Smart Wrenches: Mechatronic Wrench – MWR and Digital Wrench – STwrench. At first glance, there may be many similarities, but each technology provides its strengths and weaknesses.

MWR 25 TA wrench

The MWR is very small in size and provides the best accessibility. Thanks to the mechanical click, you will benefit from short operator training times and a quick tightening operation.

You can have full traceability with the Torque and Angle measurement and the possibility to easily transfer your data to the collection system. With real-time error-proofing and detections of overtightening and loosening, you will be able to fix quality problems right before they leave the Station! 

Besides, the STwrench has a higher torque range of up to 1000Nm and a modular concept with replaceable smartHEADs. Instead of having only LEDs, the STwrench offers a display to show the numeric torque and angle values as well.

Transducerized hand-held STwrench nutrunner

The STwrench is also suitable for Quality Assurance tightening strategies thanks to different residual torque check strategies. It offers a higher torque measurement accuracy and full traceability of the entire tightening operation, including torque and angle control, making STwrench the perfect tool for safety applications. Compared to MWR, STwrench can be used for multiple torque levels. It also provides the operator‘s independent hand position feature, which leads to higher accuracy measurements.


The greatest advantage of using Power Focus 6000 with MWR is our Smart Connected Assembly concept that combines different tool families, manual and electrical, on the same platform to reduce integration efforts significantly and save valuable time.

On the other hand, STwrench can be used either in standalone mode or by connecting with the Power Focus 6000.

Family image MWR Kit

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