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Optimized tightening processes go hand in hand with profitability and sustainability

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Industrial manufacturing is a complex equation with many parameters that are difficult to get right. But more often than not, it all starts with the fastening of that first joint and getting the tightening correct. This might sound simple but it is not. This is where our knowhow and experience can make a measurable and sustainable difference that really pays off.

An assembly line often starts with a single joining process where two or more objects are mechanically fastened. It is absolutely essential to get the tightening exactly correct the very first time. And in doing so, the result is improved productivity and quality, factors that all drive profitability and sustainability. But achieving this might be somewhat of a challenge and sometimes you can need a little help from a trusted advisor.

The Atlas Copco Tightening Services is a service offering where we proactively in advance identify potential issues in your fastening strategy and look for solutions that can be integrated into your current production line. In simple terms, we find the right solution to fit your assembly line needs before implementing them in production. We accomplish this by conducting a series of bolt tests that help uncover any issues thus determining the root causes and most optimal solutions. This coordinated approach to fastening and tightening can significantly improve productivity and quality while reducing costs and operational environmental impact.


By applying the correct tightening techniques and torque, productivity and production throughput is enhanced which in turns drives profitability. In addition, by achieving optimal production cycle times, less resources are needed in production thereby supporting sustainability goals. 


Under tightening or over tightening of joints can result in an increased number of defects, scrap, rework and downtime. Issues that all affect operational efficiency leading to lower profitability. As if that is not bad enough, less efficient use of given resources due to scrap and rework, increases the environmental impact. By increasing the level of tightening quality along the assembly line, profitability is improved whilst the carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing process are reduced.


Even in the era of automation, most tightening operations are conducted manually by station operators. And with this follows the risk of potential human errors predominately caused by incorrect training and operator fatigue. Adequate and relevant training enable your operators to determine whether production issues result from tool-related problems or issues with parts used in the assembly. Having well-trained operators, line engineers, and quality assurance representatives helps significantly improve productivity and quality.

And here the Atlas Copco Tightening Training Programs, conducted in both classroom and digital format, can offer a path to operator excellence.

The issue of operator fatigue is addressed by ensuring that operators have the right tools available, understand when to use each individual tool and use these tools in the right way. Ergonomics and Operator enablement are key factors in implementing a fastening strategy that improves operator experience and operational quality.

Environmental risks in the supply chain

And finally, do not underestimate…

…the value of preventive maintenance. By implementing processes to proactively maintain the function of tightening tools ensures not only that the assembly line can run without interruptions but also reduces waste thanks to existing tools staying in production for a longer period. Atlas Copco ToolCover is a service agreement designed to minimize online failures, reduce and fix your maintenance costs, and improve your overall productivity.

To learn more about how Atlas Copco can help develop and implement an optimized end-to-end fastening strategy for your specific manufacturing conditions and needs, get in touch with us today!

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