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And the winner of a Red Dot Design Award 2023 is…The Atlas Copco Tensor ITB-P!

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Red Dot stands for the best in design and business and is established as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. The Red Dot Design Award is aimed at those who seek to distinguish their business through design. We are proud to announce that the Atlas Copco Tensor ITB-P pistol handheld nutrunner has been awarded this prestigious award!

The ITB-P, Tensor Battery Smart Pistol Tool, was developed and designed based on feedback from customers that needed a nutrunner for their most challenging applications. A tool that would be fast, flexible, reliable, accurate and packaged in an ergonomic operator-friendly design. 

In the design phase, the focus was on the operator where safety and ergonomics was prioritized. The objective was to develop a safe tool that was easy to use. The cordless, compact and lightweight design characteristics of the ITB-P offers excellent accessibility but also reduces strains on wrists. In addition, the well-positioned display further enhances the user experience of the tool. 


And these efforts have been acknowledged with the announcement that Red Dot now has awarded the ITB-P a Red Dot Design Award. The criteria for the products winning the award stipulate that they may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative. But what they all have in common is their outstanding design. Or as the jury in the case of the ITB-P phrased it – The ITB-P “successfully integrates aesthetic aspects into a tool that is excellently geared to practical requirements”.

It is somewhat of an art form to combine design, technology and function in a tool for industrial manufacturing. This acknowledgment proves that we are doing the right thing. A proof point to our commitment to continuous innovation.

 Apurba Pawar, Lead Industrial Designer, Atlas Copco.
I am extremely proud that we once again have been awarded this distinguished design recognition. I would like to thank the entire project, product and R&D team who all made this possible. They continue to push the technological limits whilst managing to keep in mind the operators who will be using our tools around the world. And in that process, to package it all in a design winning way is simply outstanding.

Henrik Elmin, Senior Executive Vice President and Business Area President, Industrial Technique Business Area, Atlas Copco.

From left to right: Industrial Design & Human Factors team - Henrik Sohlman (Studio Design Engg), Hanako Hayasaka (Visual UX Designer), Frida Graf (Sr. Ergonomics Specialist), Apurba Pawar (Lead Industrial Designer)

Want to learn more about the advantages of the Atlas Copco ITB-P pistol handheld nutrunner and how it also can make you a winner? Read more HERE or get in touch with us today!

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