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Vane motor vs. turbine motor: Which grinder should you use for your application?

5 минут на чтение Июль 22, 2021

Atlas Copco’s extensive range of material removal tools, including grinders and sanders, is able to satisfy all application demands. Whatever you need – a precision grinder, an angle grinder, or an angle sander – we can match you with the perfect tool.

Tune in to Atlas Copco’s Grinders Expert Q&A! Product expert Adam Brooks will be taking viewer questions about material removal, vane and turbine motor options, and Atlas Copco’s robust grinder portfolio.

Atlas Copco grinders and sanders are powerful while at the same time safe and comfortable to handle. They increase productivity but reduce vibration related injuries with ergonomic features such as scatter dampening and autobalancers. And finally, depending on the grinder, they come in two motor options: vane and turbine.

The difference between vane motors and turbine motors

Though both are powerful, vane and turbine motors have a few key differences regarding grinding application demands. Nearly all of our grinders and sanders are built with vane motors, which is the conventional option. Vane motors are full of power but remain lightweight and safe to handle. The grinders and sanders that contain a vane motor can satisfy the demands of any grinding application: precision grinding, rough grinding, and sanding.

Turbine motors, on the other hand, are specialized to increase efficiency and productivity in surface grinding applications. Available in only two of our grinder lines, the turbine motors housed in these tools are optimal for surface and rough grinding applications. The GTG lines offer excellent power-to-weight ratios and contain twice the power with half the weight. When surface finish needs to be of the highest quality or when you need a high rate of material removal of rough surfaces, our GTG turbine motor lines are your best bet.

Vane motor grinding applications

Atlas Copco’s grinders and sanders containing the traditional vane motor are perfect for a wide variety of grinding and sanding applications. For precision, or “die,” grinding, we have a handful of vane motor grinding options that can get into the smallest, most cramped areas without issue. These grinders are highly accurate and accessible. Take a look at our LSF39 or our LSV12 for die grinders with the conventional vane motor.

Rough grinding is an application demand that requires a powerful handheld vane grinder that can remove as much material as possible. In this application, surface finish is of minor importance. For tools that can handle rough grinding applications, check out our LSS64 or the LSV28 for excellent rough vane motor grinding options.

Surface grinding is the final application for vane motor grinders. Unlike rough grinding, surface grinding puts a major emphasis on the surface finish and quality. Applications involving sanding, cleaning, polishing and finishing often require a vane motor surface grinder like our LSS53 or the LSF28 for surface grinding options that contain powerful vane motors.

Atlas Copco GTG40 S060-C15 34cm with cup wheel

Turbine motor grinding applications

Although we have only two tool ranges that contain the powerful, cutting-edge turbine motors, both tool options are able to cover a broad range of grinding applications. The advanced two-stage turbine motor inside the GTG25 and the one-step turbine motor inside GTG40 angle sanders set the standard for powerful, ergonomic grinding and sanding.

Atlas Copco’s GTG25 angle turbine sander contains twice the power with only half the weight. This sander, perfect for surface and rough grinding applications, is considered to have the highest material removal rate in its class. Equipped with a speed governor, autobalancer, and a spindle lock, this sander optimizes operator comfort while increasing efficiency and productivity in both surface and rough grinding applications.

Lastly, our GTG40 angle turbine sander is a rough grinding application option that boosts performance and efficiency for operators. Because of its one-step turbine motor, rough grinding done with this tool takes less time than with tools containing a vane motor. Its small size provides a fantastic power-to-weight ratio that reduces the risk of vibration-related injuries and muscle strain for operators.

GTG40 turbine grinder Deform

The power of vane and turbine motors

For any grinding application, Atlas Copco has an extensive range of options for you. Whether it’s rough grinding, die grinding, or high-quality surface finishing, the advanced technology of both the turbine and vane motors within our handheld grinders and sanders provide operators the power and safety they need when it comes to material removal.

For more information on our grinders, contact us and schedule a demo today.

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