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When the bits and pieces just come together in a perfect and unique ecosystem offering

4 минут на чтение Сентябрь 22, 2023

Focusing the power of the Atlas Copco portfolio of tools, services and solutions brings unprecedented innovation and know-how to industrial manufacturers worldwide. An integrated ecosystem founded on business experience, insights, and resources. With the introduction of the Power Focus 8 controller, we have now added another piece to our ecosystem puzzle.

The Power Focus 8 is our next generation advanced controller platform. It connects a wide range of Atlas Copco tools making it the tightening controller platform for all needs and conditions. Its proven technology can handle even the most complex and demanding tightening operations ensuring an accurate tightening result each and every time. From the impressive processor power and radio module to the connectivity advantages, Power Focus 8 is truly the gateway to fulfilling the promises of Industry 4.0 and the connected Smart Factory.

Power Focus 8 is of course also fully integrated in the extensive Atlas Copco ecosystem of tools and solutions. From the controller configuration solutions to the software that helps maintain uptime. 

One example is ToolsTalk 2. Developed for quick and easy configuration of all controllers along the assembly line, this client-server-based controller programming software solution offers users complete visibility and traceability throughout the entire line structure. Another example is ToolsNet 8, a data collection and process improvement software that can be adapted to any individual production requirement. It offers the capability to continuously analyze, enhance and control production processes resulting in less rework, higher quality, and improved uptime.

But among this immense integrated ecosystem of tools and solutions there is one that stands out. Let us introduce the Power Focus Secondary, the standalone drive that can be operated as a secondary controller to Power Focus 8.  Available in a standard (1-phase) or high-voltage (3-phase) version, LED indicators provide product status and operational feedback with an energy consumption that is 50% lower than that of a Power Focus 8 controller.

By choosing among different software functionality levels, the Power Focus Secondary performance can be adjusted to meet any requirements. From complex automation applications to semi-automatic stations in conventional stations. Power Focus Secondary is the ideal choice for fixtured, multi-spindle applications maximizing performance and flexibility. As many Power Focus Secondary drives as needed can be added to the Power Focus 8.

The Power Focus 8 controller is an integral part of the Atlas Copco Smart Integrated Assembly offering. An Industry 4.0 concept where connectivity is an absolute requirement.

Smart Integrated Assembly is our concept for industrial manufacturers looking to transform and implement Smart Factories. It encompasses our ecosystem of tools, hardware, software, and services solutions providing unrivalled competitive value in each step of the product manufacturing cycle. The result is more efficient, flexible, adaptable, and safe manufacturing processes that support reduced downtime, better use of materials and energy and a substantial waste reduction.

A comprehensive Industry 4.0 offering that starts with that very first fastened joint and ends with a fully integrated and connected Smart Factory.

Want to know more about the new innovative Power Focus 8 controller and how it can help transform your manufacturing processes? Get in touch with us today! Or why not download our Smart Integrated Assembly whitepaper here.