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PF6 FlexSystems - Product Training

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Welcome to the PF6 FlexSystem Product Essential Series. This series of videos are presented by Atlas Copco’s Fixtured Tool Product Specialist, Andy Neumann. In this series, viewers will learn about the hardwire comprising the PF6 FlexSystem, the integration of ToolsTalk 2, and using the demo case.

PF6 FlexSystems hardware overview

The Atlas Copco PF6 FlexSystem is a flexible, space-saving tool control system, designed with tool fastening operations in mind. In this video, Andy gives an in-depth overview of the hardware that makes up the PF6 FlexSystem. Tune in now.

PF6 FlexSystems ToolsTalk 2 overview

Atlas Copco’s PF6 FlexSystem is a compact controller system designed for fixtured applications. It shares a commonality with the Power Focus 6000, and both systems operate on ToolsTalk 2 software. In this video, Andy provides viewers with an overview of the ToolsTalk 2 integration on the PF6 FlexSystem.

PF6 FlexSystems how to use the demo case

In this video, watch as Andy demonstrates to viewers how to use the PF6 FlexSystem demo system for customer demos. Viewers will also learn about the VBFs of the PF6 FlexSystem.


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