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Secure your quality and reduce defects through Tool Calibration and Accredited Quality Assurance Calibration.​
power tool calibration, tool testing, metrology, machine capability test


Quality Assurance or the process of quality pays off. Getting it right from the start and throughout the entire industrial manufacturing and assembly process.

The demands on manufacturing processes to maintain a competitive advantage are ever-changing and increasing. Any one single weak link in the process can cause costly material waste, reworks and recalls. The answer is a data-based quality assurance solution that accurately can measure, report and take action on the data collected. And do this across the entire manufacturing process or anywhere in the production plant.

The centerpiece of the Atlas Copco quality assurance offering is our smart and connected product portfolio QA Platform 4.0. A three stage modular solution for quality assurance where every step in the quality assurance process is visualized and available for the operator to see, measure and control.

  • Measuring with accuracy. The Atlas Copco STbench enables you to take the test bench to the tool. Tool capabilities can be tested and auto calibration processes performed preventing errors in the production line already from the start.
  • Collecting and executing. Utilize the data collected from the tools. Performance is controlled in real-time along the line thereby helping to reduce the risk of operator errors.
  • Managing and verifying. The Atlas Copco QA Supervisor monitors the quality assurance process from scheduling to reporting.

Quality assurance is a key factor in modern day industrial manufacturing. Let us share our insights, experiences, and knowledge to help ensure that your quality assurance process is under control.

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