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SCA Trimp Parts Antennenkleben

Trim part solutions in final assembly

In final assembly, many small parts often made of plastics or aluminum are added to the car to enhance aerodynamics and aesthetics

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Challenges in trim part applications:

Typical trim parts that need to be joined with adhesives are spoilers, bumpers, front ends, tailgates and antennas. The challenge in working with trim parts is that they are often very thin plastic but still have to be mounted solidly and able to withstand all vibrations and adversities during car operations.

Trim part applications

Illustration of a 2C application at a trim part from productline SCA

Mounting of an antenna to the car body

When joining trim parts to the car body, the challenge is to create reliable and invisible joints. The thin plastic of the parts is very sensitive to temperature and gets easily misshapened. Any shine-through of the bead should be avoided. Atlas Copco’s SCA product line experts have the knowledge to help you with this issue. Our dynamic mixer can provide you the perfect mixing quality of the 2C adhesive. You can reduce your material consumption and at the same time increase speed and process safety of the joint.

SCA bead application for final assembly

Regular bead in final assembly

Due to a lack of a physical curing mechanism, the chosen adhesive is often a 2C. When working with a 2C adhesive a controlled material flow and a precise mixing ratio is crucial to prevent unwanted curing.

Our SCA product line offers a flexible metering system which allows control of the material flow of each component individually and solves this issue. Another challenge when working with 2C is to keep the material constantly the same temperature. If the material gets too hot, the adhesive will cure too fast and the open time would change. This would ruin your cycle time and create downtime. Our hybrid peltier technology and our water-cooled hoses ensure our customers consistent quality, even in hot climate conditions. We provide you the best service – wherever you are.

More final assembly applications: