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power tool calibration, tool testing, metrology, machine capability test
Assembly Control Series - 2

Assembly Control - Thin

Designed to be an essential partner in your manufacturing process, providing advanced control mechanisms and optimized workflows.

Assembly Control Thin complements web-based applications, maintains its renowned aesthetics and usability, and reliable even in the most demanding environments. This ensures that your production operations are not only efficient but also adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Thin Product

Intelligent design for smart factory

Exceptional flexibility

Improved productivity

Increased uptime

Efficient power consumption

Low maintenance cost

Transformative features for enhanced shopfloor performance

Thin Front New

High-resolution, impact-resistant display

Integrated user identification

Quad core ARM processor 

Yocto based Linux OS

1 x Gbit Ethernet

1 x 100 MBit Ethernet

2 x USB 2.0 connector

Digital I/O w. 24VDC aux.

External service USB connector

1 x RS232 serial connector

Bluetooth 5.1 / Wi-Fi 6 via accessory USB dongle

Thin Back New

The product is targeting the world’s largest players across many manufacturing industries

Automotive OEM & Tiers​