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ezb battery drive electric motor

EZB Electric motors

The EZB electric battery drive enables handheld equipment designers and manufacturers to integrate process control with an easy plug-and-play solution, supporting your journey into industry 4.0.


We offer the optimal speed for almost any application with our gears and drive units. The ability to select the correct motor speed for your design makes success so much easier.


No need to compromise the unique aspects of your design to accommodate off-the-shelf drive units, we can give you the torque you need, at the designed working point.


Our extensive range of flange and shaft options, as well as the ability to make custom solutions, allows you to focus on your core design while entrusting the drive integration to us.


The choice of 4 unique drive modes - Constant speed, Constant power, Accuracy, and Efficiency mode, each addressing specific application needs, provides complete control of speed and torque independently through the operation.

Introducing the EZB handheld battery drive

The EZB battery drive is a new addition of electric motors to our product range to meet new demands of automation, process control requirements, and electrification on the machine-building industry in hand-held applications.

Take a closer look into the EZB

Plug and play

  • One easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution for all your handheld applications.
  • Our core values condensed into one platform.
  • An industrial design, fit for purpose and built to last with modular interface capabilities, multiple torque and speed options, and an optimized driveline.

Optimized gearing and interfacing

We offer 2 standard models:

  • An 8 Nm high-speed model, with a range of 500 to 2600 rpm.
  • A 36 Nm low-speed model, with a range of 100 to 550 rpm.
  • A choice of 4 drives modes is available in the onboard software to support a variety of applications, like strapping, crimping, and many more…

Optimized gearing and interfacing

With the LZB33 Standard output shaft and flange dimensions, the transformation from existing air motor designs is made easy and the industry-leading shaft load capacity is maintained. Custom integration can also be made according to specifications on request.

Environment-friendly grease also makes the EZB suitable for use in food and beverage industries.

Advanced PM motor

The Advanced permanent magnet (PM) motors provide:

  • Superior performance in industrial applications
  • Ergonomics with low vibration and sound level
  • A high level of efficiency, getting the most out of every charge

Progressive trigger

  • Progressive trigger allows the operator to feel what's happening in the application. It gives you manual control of the soft start, positioning, and controlled stop.
  • The trigger is ergonomically integrated with handle for maximum comfort during repetitive use.
  • The software-controlled trigger guard provides operator safety.


EHMI stands for External human-machine interfaces:

  • The screen and ergonomically placed buttons make it easy for the operator to see the status information and change the settings.
  • The operator menu allows the operator to select torque, speed as well as the desired drive mode. It also displays the battery status.

Reversible and automated power off

The ergonomic buttons are IP54 rated and are multifunctional. The buttons can be used to:

  • To Reverse the drive
  • Lock and unlock the menu,
  • Edit the speed and torque
  • Set drive direction
  • Select the suitable drive mode (see info about the drive modes below)


Operator comfort in repetitive industrial applications has been a major consideration during the design process and incorporated in:

  • The handle design
  • Weight of the drive the circumference of the grip
  • The battery position which can also be changed for better accessibility

Battery cover

The battery cover accessory is made from a weatherproof neoprene, and allows battery changes through the zipper, without removing the cover. 

The battery cover accessory can be added to make the complete drive IP54. 

Models and functionalities

On the EZB handheld battery drive, you are able to select the suitable drive mode from the following four:

  • Constant speed – The motor will aim to keep the speed constant, regardless of the load applied in applications like cutting.
  • Constant power – The motor will aim to keep a constant power, for longer cycle times in applications like sawing.
  • Efficiency – The most energy-efficient performance for longer battery life in applications like strapping.
  • Accuracy – The most accurate torque result in applications like crimping or clinching.

Model Ordering number Flange and out-put shaft* Torque range** Speed range** Programs Software required
EZB06-I-D-B008-11 8412 1000 10  See drawings below 2-8 Nm 500-2600 rpm 1 no
EZB06-I-D-B036-11 8412 1000 20 7-36 Nm  100-550 rpm 1 no
EZB06-C-D-B008-11 8412 1000 12 2-8 Nm 500-2600 rpm 10 yes 
EZB06-C-D-B036-11 8412 1000 22 7-36 Nm  100-550 rpm 10 yes 

*Flange and output shaft drawings

EZB flange and output shaft drawing

**Range of torque and speed

EZB torque and speed updated graphs
EZB screen display
EZB battery cover accessories

Software and accessories

Software Ordering number
TTS2 electronic delivery  8092 1714 10
TTS2 physical delivery  8092 1714 11
Accessories Ordering number
Battery 36V  4211 5500 42
Battery Multicharger 4211 5424 85
Battery cover (IP54)  4430 2593 00

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EZB electric battery drive 36V

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EZB Electric motors

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