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Operator Panel

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Productive assembly lines demand efficient operators. These should be supported with appropriate tools providing feedback for all actions. This will save time changing program settings and when performing reworking in station. Operator panel is a flexible lamp and switch box designed to interface with controllers equipped with the I/O bus connectors: I/O Bus and MACS I/O. The command buttons and integrated lamps provide a highly effective operator interface and enable manual selection of various program settings.


  • Connect to Power Focus, Pulsor Focus, PowerMACS and DS/DL advanced controllers
  • Easily connected using one I/O bus cable
  • User-friendly interface in ToolsTalk PF (from W07) for fast, easy programming
  • Equipped with a user display and the soft select display
  • 4 lamps (G, Y, R, G) with configurable functions for operator feedback
  • Built-in buzzer for audio feedback to operator


  • Key to control station, increasing flexibility and error proofing
  • Reduced debugging time
  • Increased end-product quality
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  • Тип : Wired
  • Мощность : 8 W
  • Вход : I/O Bus 24Vdc