Cordless Assembly Tools

True cordless freedom

Atlas Copco’s industrial battery assembly tools includes shut-off, tranducerized, and low reaction tools (LRT). Maximum freedom of movement along the line and inside narrow or closed compartments. Read more

BCP/BCV battery tools - Cordless freedom

Brushless BCP/BCV tools, ideal for quality critical applications where flexibility is essential. Final assembly of cars, offroad vehicles, buses, trucks, aircraft, motorcycles, engines, and white goods are some examples of applications where BCP/BCV tools may be used. It has a slim, well-balanced design and ergonomic handle. Its compact size and Lithium-Ion batteries put it among the lightest battery tools on the market. BCP/BCV tools also offer variable speed and plenty of power.

Tensor SB nutrunner - transducerized battery tools

The Tensor SB are the tools for quality and critical applications, allows adjustable torque settings and has a transducer to ensure superior joint quality. A robust metal housing ensures that the Tensor SB will stand up to tough industrial environments. Also the battery is powerful, reliable and has no memory effect, which means increased uptime for your production.

Tensor STB - Fast, light, transducerized tools

Ergonomically designed Tensor STB pistol-grip and angle nutrunners are ideal for safety critical applications in cramped areas. No other battery powered tool can match Tensor STB’s unique fastening performance and advanced process control. Industrial Radio Communication (IRC) enables the Tensor STB to be partnered with a Power Focus controller for accurate torque monitoring and full joint traceability. One Tensor STB tool can be used for several applications within the same torque range.

Tensor SRB and TBP - low reaction tools

Tensor SRB, the evolution to the Tensor STB, designed to support all kinds of tightening strategies, from traditional direct drive to the most advance Low Reaction Strategies as a TurboTight or Tensor Pulse. TBP, redefines what a pulse tool can do. TBP will change everything you thought you knew about pulse tools. TBP is a cordless tool for one-handed operations, enabling error-proof productions. Our DuraPulse® technology ensures the robustness of the TBP, making it your new favorite workhorse.

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Cordless Assembly Tools

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