Grow with us

Nothing makes us happier than ambitious, motivated people. Our leaders will nurture that enthusiasm and support you in everything you do.

Career illustration

Your professional development

For us, personal development and responsibility go hand in hand. From day one, you are given the freedom and responsibility you need to develop professionally. Annual performance appraisals, coaching and our internal job market – you will have first pick of all the vacancies we have worldwide – are just three ways in which we will assist you on your journey.

In our experience no two career paths are ever the same. Or to put it another way, your career path is up to you. We want you to realize your full potential and we will encourage you every step of the way, regardless of age, gender or nationality.

After all, if you are happy, our customers are happy.

Leadership model illustration

Naše vedenie

We focus on great leadership, because we know that is what makes you grow. If you grow, we grow. Our model is simple enough, but it is an excellent tool for creating freedom, responsibility and accountability for you.

Our success is built on strong values and the talented people who live and breathe them. By giving you the tools to succeed, we help each other grow.


Dostanem misiu na nasledujúce tri roky. Veríme, že jasne stanovené očakávania poskytujú slobodu spojenú so zodpovednosťou.


Na základe pridelenej misie vytvorím víziu toho, čo chcem dosiahnuť. Tú rozviniem v interakcii s rôznymi aktérmi a potom si ju dám schváliť svojmu manažérovi.


Definujem svoju stratégiu, ciele a aktivity potrebné na dosiahnutie stanovenej vízie.


Určím štruktúru potrebnú na implementáciu definovanej stratégie. Štruktúra zahŕňa procesy a organizáciu.


I engage people by sharing my vision and by developing loyal, competent people around me. When my mission is accomplished, I am proud to take a next step and look for a new world-class challenge.