LED light towers

This innovative, fully directional, LED
lens design means we maximize the light
coverage and reduce “lighting waste”.


Metal halide towers

The reliable metal halide solution with robust canopies, make them suitable for tough environments.


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  • Hilight light tower leaflet Turkish 2.6 MB, PDF
  • Hilight light tower leaflet Dutch 1.7 MB, PDF
  • Hilight light tower leaflet French 4 MB, PDF
  • HiLight light tower leaflet German 2.6 MB, PDF
  • Hilight light tower leaflet Italian 2.7 MB, PDF

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It might be tough, but it should never be dark!


See luminosity, efficiency, durability and toughness in a new light

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LED challenging MetalHalide technology

New Atlas Copco LED 4X350W challenging traditional Metal Halide 4x1000WED; HiLight B5+ face to face with HiLight H5.


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