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less air consumption. RTEX is so clever it can cut your air consumption by half. Get a smaller compressor or run two on one. Either way you save money.


less weight, same performance. Now you can get the same job done with a 25 kg RTEX as with a 33 kg heavy breaker. That means less weight to transport and to carry around.

8 hours

of uninterrupted operation. Stiff handles give you full control over the machine. And thanks to an efficient stroke mechanism with a Constant Pressure Chamber, vibration levels are below 5 m/s².

RHEX the power chisel

Less weight and vibration

The RHEX-chisel is specially designed for the RTEX. It maximizes the power from the piston to the ground and it’s also lighter than a conventional chisel, which makes handling easier. The concave design facilitates transport of broken material in order to increase effectiveness, since broken material acts as a dampener. The design also reduces the risk of jamming.

Technical specifications

Model   RTEX 15 RTEX25 RTEX 25 RTEX 25
Weight kg 17 25 25 25
Length mm 674 737 780/685* 780
Air consumption l/s 15,4 19 17,5 18,5
Impact rate bpm 936 816 845 870
Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 28927-10) m/s2 4,6 4,8 5 4,8
Sound power level guaranteed (2000/14/EC) Lw, dB(A) 106 107 107 107
Sound pressure level (ISO 11203) Lp, r=1m 83 90 90 90
Shank size Hex mm 25x108 (1x4 1/4") 25x108 (1x4 1/4") 28x152/28 x 160/28 notch 32x 152/32x160
Part number   8461 0115 10 8461 0125 10 8461 0125 20 8461 0125 30