Safe in all environments

Pneumatic pumps have no electrical components that can cause sparks. And thanks to pneumatic power, there are neither risks of oil leaks nor any need for flammable fuels. Pneumatic pumps are easy to install in damp environments.

Robust technology

Pneumatic powered operation gives you a dirt- and damp resistant pump that can handle temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius. The standard industry norm is only 40 degrees.

Forget about overloading

With electrical pumps there are numerous ways the driving motor can be overloaded. With a pneumatic pump you are totally safe.

Light lifting

A pneumatic pump has a high power to weight ratio. That makes it easy for you to carry around a lot of power. Nimble design means you can use it in confined spaces.

Simple means safe

Keeping it simple is often the hardest in a design process. But it pays of. Simple means few moving parts that need maintenance. You get more uptime and simple handling.

Plug and play

You need few people to get set up. Once you have attached the hoses you´re good to go.

DOP diaphragm pumps for polluted high viscosity fluids

- Easy to handle: it only takes one person th handle the DOP
- Safe intake: the air intake with strainer prevents contaminants from entering the pump via the air
- Self-priming: the DOP is self-filling, which means less unnecessary handling in rough environments
- Reach the corners: by pivoting intake coupling together with an optional suction hose
- Stable operations: strainer at the base prevents particles >30mm from passing through the pump
- Submersible: the built in non-return valve makes the pump submersible and independent of orientation
- Lift more: DOP can be connected in series to increase the lifting capacity or "head".
- Less stress: A pivoting connection pipe means reduced stress on the hose.


Technical specification



Max. head

59 m

Pump flow max

420 l/min

Air consumption

34 l/s


31 kg

Fluid outlet thread

G 2 1/2

Air inlet

G 3/4


0 mm

Oil flow

0 l/min

Working pressure


Part number

8492 0101 48


Equipment incl. Part number
DOP 15N kit   8492 0101 55
  1x Pump  
  1x Outlet hose 63 mm x 32 m incl. fittings 4950 0191 90
  1x Lubricator CLG 30 8202 5102 39