Working at Atlas Copco Specialty Rental

Wondering what's it like to work at Atlas Copco Specialty Rental? Discover the different functions and hear from the Specialty Rental employees directly.

What you can expect when working with Specialty Rental

Empower to accelerate change

We empower people to make a difference and connect through a common purpose. We enable learning and build mutual trust. By rewarding passion, engagement and solution-oriented thinking, we celebrate successes together.

Energize to boost effectiveness

Our diverse and inclusive culture challenges the status quo. We reward positive intentions and favor dialogue over monologue. We promote curiosity over ferocity and grow success through common goals.

Engage to innovate everywhere

We drive the success of our customers by solving problems daily. Any setback is an opportunity to improve.

Join us and no 2 days will be the same!

From offshore platforms, to remote areas that are literally disconnected from the grid; the latest technology, passionate colleagues, life long learning, new challenges and opportunities on a regular basis...

Discover some unique job roles in our Specialty Rental Organization