Automated operations significantly increases safety and productivity.

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Increased safety and time efficency

Automated operations significantly increases safety and productivity and renders more accurate decisions that enables operations to function more effectively and that responds to business changes better.

Improved information integration

Automation gives improved information integration, visualization and control of operations.

Customized automation solutions

We offer a range of partner services, from audits to network support and project management. Together, we can develop strategies to meet and exceed your goals for profit, safety and sustainability.

The four levels of automation

Our automation products are divided in four levels of automation. From data monitoring and product function control, to calculated optimization and in the end full autonomy. Combining all steps allows you to reach the full potential of Atlas Copco’s equipment. When the machines work together they can perform very complicated tasks, deep underground. And they can do so with minimal downtime and maximum safety.


Our monitoring solutions provide easy access and collection of data on production, equipment utilization and machine conditions. It also allows advanced planning and analysis of the operations at hand.


Our Control systems include remote controlled solutions, automatic safety features and systems for increased planning and precision for drilling, rock reinforcement and material handling equipment.


Optimization enables you to push your equipment to its full potential, while ensuring that it is not worn out or breaks down.


Autonomous solutions capture the full capability of Atlas Copco’s offering- from monitoring, control, optimization to the fully autonomous.

Automation solutions

Dynamic tunneling in Bodø

January 23, 2017

Norwegian contractor Veidekke shares their experience with the Dynamic tunneling package, and explains how the software feature enables them to generate drill plans at the tunnel face.