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Signal Processing of IMU data within a hostile environment

Master thesis project

Functional area: Atlas Copco Industrial Technique, Mechatronics
Recruiting manager: Henrik Öhrlund, Manager Tool Embedded Software
Phone: +46 8 743 81 99
Email: henrik.ohrlund@se.atlascopco.com


The goal for the project is to improve signal quality of the built-in IMU (inertial measurement unit) of the latest generation handheld battery driven tools via signal processing in e.g. Matlab and to compensate for known disturbances, e.g. gear type, current engine speed etc.


When tightening a structural joint the goal is to achieve sufficient clamp force to carry external loads. To control and monitor a tightening process, it is common practice to measure torque or torque plus angle. If the tool moves during the final angle measurement, we must be able to compensate for this in order to still get the correct clamp force and this requires accurate IMU data. The IMU will also be used by other features in the future.


Your mission is to:
• Analyze recorded IMU data (i.e. gyro and accelerometer data) from different tightenings.
• Identify the tolerance needed for different functionalities, e.g.
o True Angle
o Pulse tools
o Positioning by means of inertial navigation
o Detect how the tools is held by the user in order to choose tightening strategy
• Identify and compensate for disturbances
• Design filters
• Design a test rig in order to verify the signal processing in real life


We are looking for 2 master thesis students with a background in signal processing, automatic control or similar with an interest in programming.

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