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Optimizing of hardening depth for small gears

Master thesis project

Functional area: Atlas Copco Industrial Technique, Mechanics Department, Mechanical systems
Recruiting manager: Tobias Syvertsson, Manager Mechanical systems
Phone: +46(0)8 743 9326
Email: tobias.syvertsson@se.atlascopco.com
Other contacts: jan.i.eriksson@se.atlascopco.com


This project is intended to investigate optimal hardening depth regarding strength and fatigue limit for small gears in an industrial application.


We have noticed major differences in life due to small change in hardening spec. We would like to investigate this in a scientific way to understand the impact in our products. We use today advanced materials and do not hesitate to test new ways of improvement. Today, case hardening process is primarily used. Can other processes e.g. nitriding replace case hardening process for certain product articles?
Accelerated life tests will be done in lab environment for test and verifying will be done. Other fatigue testing and modifying of hardening processes, practical and in theory, can be done depending on input from Thesis worker.


This thesis project will be considered a success when the parameter results from laboratory and in-house testing shows an increase of strength and fatigue limit. Thesis scope will be further defined in collaboration between supervisors and student.


Master student in mechanical engineering within material science.

Education requirement

• Mechanical engineering
• Material technology

Level of thesis project

• Master thesis

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