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VSDˢ – Next-gen compressor performance

Atlas Copco brings you the GA VSDSa truly groundbreaking compressor for the generation that demands it all.

🎧 Listen to The Straight Line, a VSDˢ podcast series

Start the future today

Highly energy-efficient

The GA VSDs grants energy savings of 60% on average. How? By looking at each individual compressor component and figuring out how we could make it better.

Cutting-edge tech

The VSDs Smart Thermostatic Control (STC) system guarantees the VSDs always operates with an optimal oil temperature to make it more efficient and reliable. Moreover, the Boost Flow Mode kicks in automatically for a bit more power while protecting against costly shutdowns.

Smart connectivity

The Elektronikon® Touch controller offers the latest in connectivity, with a host of control and monitoring options, and smart algorithms to optimize your compressor performance.  All remotely accessible thanks to the SMARTLINK platform. Finally, the GA VSDˢ is fully OPC UA enabled to seamlessly connect and communicate with your other production equipment.

Can you keep up with the VSDS incredible speed?

Who says compressed air can’t be fun? Play this game to experience the VSDs's revolutionary tech firsthand and see if you can keep up.

Discover the new GA 22-37 VSDS

Our revolutionary technology is available for the first time in the GA 22-37 VSDs series. Looking for a groundbreaking compressor that delivers industry-leading performance? You’ve found it: 


  • Unprecedented efficiency resulting in a low total cost of ownership
  • A focus on sustainability that allows you to comply with even the most stringent government mandates and customer demands
  • The reliability you need to meet your compressed air needs
  • The latest connectivity features and options so you can take full advantage of the Internet of Things

Discover all VSD innovations

GA VSDs drive train Atlas Copco

The VSDs drive train

Efficient and sustainable

GA VSDs Neos Next Atlas Copco

Neos Next

The inverter technology that puts VSDs compressors in a league of their own

GA VSDs oil cooling system Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco STC

Not just an oil cooling system

GA VSDs boost flow mode Atlas Copco

Boost Flow Mode

Safely boost your air compressor

GA VSDs smartlink Atlas Copco


Next-generation connectivity with your wireless air compressor

🎧 The Straight Line, a VSDˢ podcast series

All episodes available on Spotify, Amazon, Podcast IndexCaptivate and Player FM.

VSDˢ 3D animation

Take a look under the hood of the GA 22-37 VSDˢ with this crystal clear 3D animation.


VSDˢ ASMR video

Experience this revolutionary compressor in a completely new way with this immersive ASMR video.