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RT-Series single-shaft radial compressor

Built for the newest generation of large-scale air separation units (ASUs), deeply rooted in our aerodynamics expertise. Our robust single-shaft, three-stage radial-flow RT-Series compressor reaches new levels of stage and impeller efficiency and productivity for your main air application requirements.

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Benefit from large-scale air separation

Large-scale, reliable and highly-efficient compressor packages. Reduce your operational and maintenance costs, while experiencing shorter setup times and easier site construction

Robust main air compressor unit

The RT-Series main air compressor unit features a three-stage radial single-shaft design for high flow levels and superior efficiency. Top performance over your product’s lifetime

Drive train know-how

Trusted turbomachinery provider. Decades of experience in employing both steam turbine and electrical motor drive trains to power main air compressors

Interstage coolers

Coolers are a critical part of your main air compression process. That’s why our interstage coolers use a proven water-in-tube/air-in-shell design with an integrated water demister to ensure optimum performance

Global sourcing network

We’re always close by. Further improving your CAPEX and fitted to your exact specifications, all external components supporting your main compressor unit can be sourced and then packaged regionally

Technical description RT-Series single-shaft turbocompressor

A direct answer to growing demand for larger and OPEX optimized air supply levels in today’s air separation units (ASUs), the single-shaft, three-stage radial-flow RT-Series combines the best in our aerodynamic competence to deliver ultra-efficient stage and impeller design. In full compliance with API 617 and 614 (oil system) standards, the RT-Series is developed for all main air separation applications.

By using a modular, simplified design and a free-arrangement packaging concept the RT-Series compressors

  • arrive faster at your site
  • help you reduce operational costs
  • ensure maximum reliability
  • minimize maintenance

Technical product specifications

Performance data

Maximalt sugtryck

1 bar(a)

Maximalt utloppstryck

7 bar(a)


-40 °C - 80 °C

Område för effektivt inloppsflöde

240 000 m³/h - 480 000 m³/h

Steg (min/max)

1 - 3


labyrinth, carbon ring

Effektbehov, hp

45 000 HP