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LT series

LT oil-lubricated high pressure piston compressor

Oil-lubricated aluminum piston compressors

Looking for a durable, high-performance compressed air solution for your specific industrial application? Then our LT oil-lubricated aluminum piston compressors are designed for you!

LT oil-lubricated high-pressure piston compressor

Key technical specifications

Kapacitet FAD l/s

3,1 l/s - 50 l/s


15 bar(e) - 40 bar(e)

Installerad motoreffekt

1,5 kW - 60 kW

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0.7-20 hp / 0.5-15 kW
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LT oil-injected piston compressors

The LT multiple-stage oil-lubricated reciprocating compressor is your ideal solution to reach pressure above 15 bar. With intercooling system after every stage, it guarantees high quality of air and increases the compression efficiency. 

LT 20_30 cooling

Total reliabilty

LT compressors are exceptionally reliable, with the lowest operating temperatures in the industry, and offer quality air with low oil carryover.

Built for industry
Built with durable and high-quality materials, they ensure quality performance and a long product lifetime.

LT oil-lubricated for two-stage compression

Filtered air enters the first cylinder and being compressed for the first time. The low-pressure cylinder feeds the second (high pressure) cylinder that can operate at a maximum pressure 30 bar (435 psi). In case of three cylinders, the air will be compressed for a third time to a max pressure of 40 bar. 

Optimum scope

Every model is built to reach it’s optimal level at the maximum pressure. 

Various options

  • 15 bar (218 psi) 2 to 20hp (1.5-15kW)
  • 20 bar (290 psi) 2 to 20hp (1.5-15kW)
  • 30 bar (435 psi) 3 to 20hp (2-15kW)
  • 40 bar (580 psi) 20 to 60hp (15-45kW)

Compact design

The compressor block, directly coupled to the motor, is manufactured using lightweight materials with excellent cooling characteristics.

Save floor space
Our LT compressor is ideal for customers who have limited space requirements.

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Technical benefits

Low running costs
LE pistons offer low operational costs and use highly durable components for improved performance.
Premium reliability
A unique, robust design and quality materials ensure an extended product life. 
Easy maintenance
All components and service points are easily accessible.
LT 40-40 piston compressor

Design benefits

Durable design
Aluminium technology to reduce condensate and minimize oil carry-over. Longer oil lifetime, improved reliability and lower service costs.
Easy installation and service
Thanks to the 'plug and play' design, you can expect easy installation of the compressor. While the accessibility of all components and service points enables easy maintenance.


Technical specification

Teknisk egendom Värde

Kapacitet FAD l/s

3,1 l/s - 50 l/s


15 bar(e) - 40 bar(e)

Installerad motoreffekt

1,5 kW - 60 kW

Kapacitet FAD

11,21 m³/h - 179,92 m³/h


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