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AeroBlock (TM) standardized main air compressor

Engineered to improve operational efficiency while reducing overall cost and delivery time, Atlas Copco Gas and Process’ AeroBlock (TM) integrally-geared air compressors are designed for customers looking for efficient air process with a decreased delivery time

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Atlas Copco AeroBlock (TM) Standardized Main Air Compressor

Designed with the industry-leading integral-gear compression technology, AeroBlock (TM) offers a standardized design with aerodynamics that can be tailored to specific process requirements.


Reduced cost

By utilizing standardized components, the AeroBlock(TM) enables you to reduce CAPEX costs and delivery times

Improved efficiency

By providing process-specific aerodynamics, the AeroBlock(TM) offers the increased efficiency of custom-engineered compressors

Faster delivery

AeroBlock™ is manufactured in multiple cutting-edge facilities around the globe, staying close to customers and promoting faster turnaround time on orders.

Superior aftermarket support

Our global service network of 120+ engineers provide comprehensive aftermarket support of turbomachinery.

AeroBlock (TM) standardized main air compressor

AeroBlock compressor oil system

AeroBlock's lube oil system with reverse rotation protection manifold

AeroBlock ™ standardized main air compressor boosts energy efficiency by up to 2% compared to previous solutions. The new design lowers the motor power required, in turn reducing compressor lifecycle operation cost for the customer, leading to energy cost savings of about 300 000 USD over the compressor’s lifespan.

The standardized design of AeroBlock™ achieves significant savings by reducing CAPEX and improves efficiency to reduce OPEX as well. This adds to the reliability already achieved by the integral-gear (IG) technology at the core of the compressor. The multi-speed capability of IG technology allows each high-speed rotor to run at the optimum speed, giving the best efficiency possible.

Pre-engineered system with configurable options

Maintains high reliability in a standardized design. Customers can select additional instrumentation as an option for lube oil systems, process gas, and seal support systems to best fit their needs.

Reverse rotation protection manifold

The patent-pending integrated design offers reverse rotation protection as standard. It brings simplicity by reducing the number of components, and improves reliability.

Plate-and-frame oil cooler

The easily serviced and compact design works with the integrated manifold to reduce the lube system footprint.

Technical product specifications

Performance data

Maximalt sugtryck

1,05 bar(a)

Maximalt utloppstryck

13 bar(a)


-29 °C - 50 °C

Område för effektivt inloppsflöde

37 000 m³/h - 54 000 m³/h

Steg (min/max)

2 - 4


labyrinth, carbon ring, dry-gas seal

Effektbehov, hp

6 543 HP

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