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The best of our compressed air products are combined with reliable service to create Smart AIR solutions

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A complete air system to ensure that you recieve an efficient and reliable solution

Smart AIR solutions offer the combination of products and services that ensures that the design of the complete systems does not compromise the total life cycle cost. Our compressed air products are designed and fully optimised to work better together, and provide you with an energy-efficient solution.

New Generation Central Controller

Our Smart AIR solutions take the best from our compressor products and combines it with reliable and innovative service. The new generation Optimizer 4.0 is an extra addition to link and synchronise all of the machines. You will then have the ability to monitor the whole system. This advanced controller allows you to optimise and sustain energy savings.

Complete Air Solutions                                     

The Smart AIR solution combines our air and gas equipment to provide to most efficient and reliable system. This solution can include controllers, filters, boosters, dryers, energy recovery systems, coolers, air receivers or generators to suit your needs. It is important to us that you receive a complete air solution that is reliable, which is why we test all components and complete packages before bringing them to you.

ZR 90-160 VSD

Our ZR range can provide you with up to 35% less energy consumption, as it is equipped with state-of-the-art compressor elements and an improved monitoring system. Our most sophisticated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology is incorporated into the drive design of the ZRs. We can guarantee Class 0 oil-free air through the sealing of the venting chamber, as it ensures the oil and air circuits are separated to eliminate oil entering the compressed air chamber.

GA 90+ - 160 VSD

The GA range is our highly efficient oil-injected screw compressor designed to reduce energy consumption. Our range combines state-of-the-art compressor elements with smart injection technology and oil-cooled motors. We can ensure that service will be half the time of comparable products through the design of all components, and the grouping of parts that are commonly serviced.

ZB 5-6 VSD+

Our ZB range is one of the most reliable and efficient oil-free turbo blowers with a unique design. We here at Atlas Copco want to ensure that you receive an operation that is reliable, efficient and continuous no matter your application or industry. We keep this in mind when selecting all components to your Smart Air solution.

ZE 3

The new ZE 3 is our 100% oil-free low pressure rotary screw compressor that operates in the harshest industrial applications. These low pressure compressors are suitable for any kind of indoor or outdoor application through the plug and play design. Complete product safety is ensured with our ZE 3 compressors, as it is oil-free Class 0 certified. This also minimised the risk of oil contamination.  

ZH 1000 – 3150

Our ZH 1000 – 3150 is an all-in-one oil-free air compressor, as the design is built-to-last and meet the air separation industry needs for a larger centrifugal air compressor. The ZH is designed to maximise energy savings and minimise operating costs while maintaining low maintenance time. By the incorporation of our new Optimizer 4.0 you can monitor not only the machines performance and energy consumption, but also the whole system.


For a cost-effective and reliable lobe blower, our ZL VSD is the perfect solution. We can ensure round the clock operation from this stable technology that continues to work in the harshest of environments. The ZL VSD is available in a variety of configurable models, and you can choose between a purely mechanical unit and a high-end solution.

Compressed Air Industry Leaders

Here at Atlas Copco we supply a total solution for low pressure compressed air. We have become industry leaders in compressed air through our state-of-the-art designs to ensure that you receive the most suitable solution based on your needs. Call us to find out more about our Smart Air Solutions on 1800 023 469.

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