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The DrillAir range

20-45 m³/min / 706-1589 cfm (12-35 bar / 16-612 psi)

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Save fuel when drilling

What is the impact on fuel consumption of drilling under 35 bar, compared to a gradual pressure buildup? We did the test, and found that drilling under 35 bar results in getting the job done faster, and a lower total fuel consumption.



How deep you can drill per day with Drillair Y35

Single Truck

A single truck can carry both the compressor and the rig thanks to the short 4.1 meter frame.

Three Layer Protection

To keep the canopy in good condition for a longer period of time, we use three layers of protection: zincor, primer and powder

Cost per Meter

Drilling with 30-35 bar pressure allows you to drill more meters in an hour. with a lower overall cost per meter

A dedicated solution for drilling

We have developed a full range of compressors, designed specifically to cover a multitude of drilling applications. The DrillAir range is built around the principles of pressure and flow with a design ethos that focuses on the relationship between these two variables. By using a combination of these two variables, the DrillAir range helps users achieve the maximum air flow at any pressure setting.

Four reasons to invest in DrillAir:

1. Drilling 500 meters per day is achievable with the DrillAir Y35. Two 4.5” geothermal wells can be finished in a single drilling day.

2. A single truck can carry both the compressor and the rig thanks to the short, 4.1 meter compressor frame.

3. DrillAir is suitable for sustainable projects, thanks to compliancy with Stage IV emission standards.

4. DrillAir Y35 consumes less than 2.2 liters of fuel per meter drilled. (dependent on various operational parameters).

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Product variations

DrillAir Y35; DrillAir V39; DrillAir X28; DrillAir V28; DrillAir H32; DrillAir V21; DrillAir H23.

The ultimate addition to your fleet


DrillAir Y35.

We made it cleaner and smaller. And it makes you drill faster.

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A customer experience

We sent out a new DrillAir Y35 for a field test in Sweden. In this movie we captured the testimonial of the drilling company owner.


DrillAir dynamic flow boost


Save fuel when drilling