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Winter tips for Generators

Make sure your generator is ready for cool temperatures. Here are some handy tips for smooth and efficient operation for when the mercury starts falling.

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1. Keep door hinges and rubbers well lubricated.

2. Repair any canopy damages to prevent corrosion propagation.

3. Inspect condition of rubber hoses and flexibles.
With aging, rubbers tend to become brittle, especially in cold temperatures.

4. Replace cooling fluid
As coolants age, they lose protective properties, causing the fluid to freeze at cold temperatures.

5.Replace oil.
To guarantee optimum engine lubrication and performance under cold temperatures, replace the oil. As temperatures fall, oil becomes thicker, which lowers lubrication performance. Make sure the right oil is used for the ambient temperature.

6. Measure alternator insulation resistance.
A low insulation-resistive value can lead to a future breakdown.

7. Test earth leakage relay
This safety device is used in electrical installations to prevent shock. It detects small stray voltages on the metal enclosures, and interrupts the circuit if a dangerous voltage is detected.

8. Check fuel condition with our water detection product.
Due to condensation, presence of water in the fuel may increase, causing damage to the fuel system.

9. Dry the alternator
To avoid breakdowns, keep your alternator insulation value high, and dry the alternator regularly during winter.