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LZL with Helical Gear

The combination of the direct driven LZL mounted on a Helical Gear results in a vast variety of speed-torque versions. Choose the version that matches your application needs.


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LZL with mounted Helical Gear

In order to adjust the output speed/torque range of the LZL-motors we offer a wide range of gear mounted motors. The motor is direct mounted to a Helical Gear that transforms the motors output to an application suited speed/torque. The output depends on the gear ration within the helical gear.

To select the right motor-gear for your application start by selecting a suitable power. If the wanted speed/torque is available within this power range, perfect. If not, do look in to the smaller or bigger motor.

The gears comes in two versions: foot or flange mounted with a speed range from 512 to 17 rpm and torque up to 1836 Nm.
For detailed technical information on the products, please click/download on our Air Motor Catalog here below.

In addition to the motors we offer vane kits, both lube free and vanes that need lubrication. Also several kinds of silencers can be offered.

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