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MWR Mechatronic System

The brand new MWR Mechatronic system combines the productivity of a click wrench with the traceability of  an electronic wrench. 
More  than a click. 


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Increase the quality of your joints considerably with the error proofing functionalities of the MWR mechatronic system. Combining the productivity of a click wrench with the traceability of an electronic one, this smart manual fastening system consisting of MWR wrench, FOCUS controller and MWR cradle optimizes your tightening processes.


High productivity

Thanks to easy handling like a mechanical "click" wrench,  the MWR mechatronic wrench is highly productive.

Full traceability

Combined with the Focus Controller,  the MWR Mechatronic system offers controlled tightening possibilities and complete monitoring of torque and angle.

Perfect sizes

Size and performance make the MWR wrenches optimal for limited space applications. All functionalities in a compact size.

MWR Mechatronic system - More than a click.

MWR Mechatronic wrench in motor assembly

Based on the mechanical “click” wrench the MWR mechatronic wrench is highly productive. The clear physical feedback with the distinctive “click” in combination with the colored LEDs makes it easy to handle even for untrained workers. Size and performance makes the MWR wrenches optimal for limited space applications with all functionalities in a compact size. Thanks to standard drive (9x12 and 14x18), the operator can choose from a wide range of Atlas Copco end fittings for his application.

Cradle MWR Mechatronic System

The MWR charging cradle, a stable holder and battery charger, ensures that the wrench is always ready for performance.

Controller Focus 60/61

Focus Controller MWR System

In combination with the controller Focus 60 or 61 the MWR mechatronic wrench series offers a controlled tightening process monitoring torque, angle and correct time of release. An optional stacklight connected to the Focus controller signals the status or any error of the tightening. The Focus controller handles the process and collects all data reporting all results in real time for full traceability. While managers can monitor everything via ToolsNet.

Tools Talk BLM

The standard software for programming the mechatonic system - TTBLM - enables the planning engineer to set up all the joint, batch and job settings for Focus 60 and 61. You can get a list of all the available Focus 60/61 controllers via LAN/Ethernet and get connected to anyone of them to administrate your application from the offi ce.
TTBLM offers you a complete overview about the status of each MWR wrench in your plant. The live monitor can display online results from the wrench highlighting status by colors.

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