Largest serial hydraulic breaker has made its capital city debut in Brisbane, Australia

A massive production increase

Jim Dupuis Managing Director and owner of specialist basement and civil excavation company Earthmoving Contractors Pty Ltd (EMC), made history this year when they became the first company in Queensland to take delivery of the new Atlas Copco HB10000 (10T) hydraulic breaker and the first company in Australia to use a breaker of this size for inner city bulk excavation work.

EMC have developed a strong reputation in the Queensland bulk excavation basement market over many years. They are experiencing strong demand for their services from a large number of high rise developers in the Brisbane area.

Jim Dupuis sharing his experiences with the Atlas Copco HB 10000

EMC uses the first HB 10000 hydraulic breaker in inner city bulk excavation work.

To meet this growing demand for EMC’s services, BA Equipment Group’s State Manager Rob Guerin and Atlas Copco Australia’s Regional Sales Manager Alex Bennett worked with EMC in agreeing to key performance indicators for a trial of the Atlas Copco HB 10000 breaker to assess its power, production, noise levels and vibration levels. The breaker was delivered and commissioned in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane in June 2016 and put to work for the trial. It was operated by EMC’s Managing Director Jim Dupuis. “The HB 10000 is breaking out more than double compared to our existing seven ton breaker HB 7000”, EMC’s Managing Director Jim Dupuis said. He also said how surprised he was with the low noise levels and how comfortable it was to operate for such a large and powerful breaker.

The vibration levels were measured using calibrated vibration monitoring equipment. Two types of monitors were used to ensure there were no incorrect or inconsistent readings. The vibration levels were found to be within the required parameters. Jim advised that this was critical as a heritage listed building is on the boundary of this excavation site.

Productivity was also tested. EMC marked out a 10 cubic metre section of Brisbane’s hardest rock (Brisbane Tuff) and went at flat out with their 7 tons breaker, which completed the works in 10 minutes. The test was then repeated with the Atlas Copco HB10000 10 tons breaker. It completed the works in 5 minutes.

“ If you work that out over an hour, day, week, month or a year - that is a massive production increase. ”

Jim Dupuis , Managing Director and owner of EMC

All the trial criteria were met and Jim advised he will happily become Queensland’s first Atlas Copco HB 10000 owner.

EMC employ a team of professionally trained and experienced operators and site personnel to complement the investment in their market leading high production Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers and attachments. Jim also spends time training the EMC team to ensure they are maximizing their investment in the world’s most productive equipment. EMC was the first to pioneer large breakers for use in basement excavation in Queensland with their investment in the Atlas Copco HB7000 (7T) breaker back in 2011. Since that time EMC has seen demand for their business services grow substantially creating the need for completing more excavation jobs in less time.

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