Rammer awards contribute to business success

Sales has been doubled in the UK

Rammers Product

The new LT6005 rammer has won two prestigious design awards: the iF Product Design Award in Germany and the Swedish Grand Award of Design in the Public’s Favorite category.

Our rammers are designed for compaction work in confined areas. The product is a result of research and customer input. One of the major improvements is the slimmer design that facilitates handling. For example the visibility is considerably enhanced. In order to get full visibility of the foot, the operator needs to lean 50 % less to the side. The user grip area is increased by 300 % for better control. Improved safety, reduced weight, high compaction efficiency and ergonomics are other user-friendly features that the jury found appealing.

“ Construction sites are tough environments, and the workers must be able to rely on their tools to be easy to handle, effective and safe. The LT6005 is built with the operator in mind and we are very pleased that the innovative design is recognized by our customers who voted for us. ”

Vladimir Kozlovskiy , President, Atlas Copco Construction Tools Division

Successful with customers

Since the upgraded LT6005 rammer and the smaller LT5005 rammer were introduced in August 2014 they have more than doubled sales in the United Kingdom, and significantly increased sales in markets such as the United States, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic, China, Australia and Spain. The key to achieve that was the close relationship between our designers, distributors and the construction companies that use the tool.

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Award winner has doubled sales