Smart bolting

Our environment is changing. Not only are the energy companies trying to produce and deliver energy more efficiently than ever before but there is an increasing move to more renewable energy sources. The hunt for green energy is on, and the industry is demanding quicker, safer and smarter solutions. Smart Connected Bolting from Atlas Copco is a natural step forward.


Bolting in the wind – five reasons for implementing smart connected bolting in the energy sector

At Atlas Copco, we have been working extensively with the leading players in the Energy sector and it is clear to us that demands are changing. Our customers do not want tools anymore, but they want complete solutions for tightening bolts and securing their processes. A transformation is evident with the need to replicate the controlled processes already used in factory-based production lines, and apply these in operational environments in the field. We see emerging similar demands on joint integrity, process control, and even documentation being applied not only in the factory floor, but also in field based work sites. In this article, you can read some of the industry demands that have shaped the smart connected bolting solutions from Atlas Copco. Read the full article here!